Bathroom, washroom, toilet room, powder room

Bathroom, washroom, toilet room, powder room ?  Just what do we call it these days…

Well we hear you can not get away with calling it just a bathroom anymore.  It seems also as though there are more than one bathroom in the average dwelling too.  We hear the bathroom called many things …

Bathroom, washroom, toilet room, powder room, ensuite bathroom, shower room, rest room, entry toilet, men’s room, pool shower … The list goes on.

Each bathroom is its own personal space within the home and the elegant bathroom fittings you can add to each space with well designed layouts can provide you with satisfaction that each bathroom fits in with the design of the interiors within the house.

Whether it is your powder room or your guest ensuite though will usually depend on what type of bathroom fitting you will appoint.

All of the brands we stock are great examples of the type of fittings where you can achieve satisfaction for a lifetime.  We even can provide the best in stainless steel fittings for outdoor use also.

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